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Food/Beverage: Dandy Blend & Cacao Bars

Trying to quit coffee, but haven’t found a better choice?

Well, now you have one.


 Dandy Blend is the only best coffee alternative. It’s a herbal coffee substitute that features smoothness and texture of real coffee.  Instant herbal beverage with Dandelion.  A great healthy product.

Testimonials--Dandy Blend has solved several issues for me and its so easy to make. Tastes great and I don't add sugar….wahoo! 

I have been searching for this:

Coffee was a staple of my life, but I have always had acid reflux/GERD issues. I was told to give up coffee, BUT HOW
I visited an organic cafe that had Dandy blend. I tried it out and I have never been the same I feel like I am drinking a bold cup of black coffee, but without the acidic burn or jitters. Not only does it replace coffee, but it FEELS SO GOOD I feel alert, healthy, and whole when I drink it. I cannot believe I have gone as long as I have without it. If you are trying to give up coffee and don’t think anything can work – TRY DANDY BLEND Read about all of the added health benefits as well. You WILL NOT regret it

No Withdrawal Headaches:

I am free of headaches.  When transitioning off coffee, I always suffer from severe withdrawal headaches. I was delightfully surprised to learn that Dandy Blend helps with the headaches I do no have to suffer through days of pain anymore No only is Dandy Blend delicious but it truly helps with the symptoms associated with coffee withdrawal


to throw in the saddle bag, works well in hot or cold liquid.


16 oz. Bulk Bag for at home and/or giving big!!!  (best value)  --or--  1 oz. individual  Box for sampling & giving too!

Dandy Blend non-acidic, no caffeine & gluten free

16 oz. Bag


1 oz. Box

Great Taste, No Regrets!!!   why?

Our cacao is plain and simple “Good Stuff”. Though Good Stuff has one of the highest raw cacao ratios on the market our cacao still delivers rich flavor with no bitterness. Our original uses 100% raw organic cacao specially hand mixed with raw honey and that’s it! That’s natural folks, and it tastes great!

Cacao is a raw, nutrient-dense food. Chocolate/Cocoa destroy the nutrients of the cacao bean with a high heat process. Good Stuff Cacao starts with just 2 ingredients; raw organic cacao and raw honey, that’s it…unless we add seeds, coconut, nibs or peppermint to make our 5 delicious, yet nutrient-dense varieties.

Raw CACAO [ca·​cao | \ kə-ˈkau̇] is a nutrient-dense food.  Raw Chocolate is an oxi-moron, because its a cacao bean : a dried, fermented, fatty seed of the fruit of a South American evergreen tree (Theobroma cacao of the family Sterculiaceae) that is used in making cocoa, chocolate, and cocoa butter : COCOA BEAN… polyphenols also make cacao beans taste astringent and bitter.  The common Chocolate or "Cocoa" destroys the nutrients of the cacao bean with a high heat process like from common brands.


Good Stuff Cacao Company starts with just 2 ingredients; raw organic cacao and raw honey, that’s it…unless we add seeds, coconut, nibs or peppermint to make our 5 delicious, yet nutrient-dense varieties. Smooth and not bitter . . . . and good for you; see my myth busters below.

#Myth buster #1 (did you know?) Raw Cacao does not contain or have-added caffeine added back into it like common high-heated chocolates or dark chocolates; it actually contains Theobromine which is a similar molecular structure to caffeine without giving the jitters or a buzz, and Theobromine gives you the satisfied, happy, uplifting spirit people are craving.

#Myth buster #2 (did you know?) Raw Cacao that's only sweetened with "raw" honey has all of the enzymes, and DOES NOT cause a spike in the glycemic index because in essence it goes through the DNA way different than any other sweetener. Another wards, it's good for almost any diet in moderation without feeling guilty for having this wonderful SUPERFOOD TREAT!

#Myth buster #3 (did you know?) Raw Cacao Cold-pressing unroasted cacao makes raw cacao, which has gained a reputation as a “superfood” due to its high amount of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Raw cacao on its own tastes very bitter, so it is often made into a powder that can be added to other foods.  So another words, you are purchasing a superfood with all of the benefits the way nature intended it--RAW.



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