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Natural Supplements & Feeding Accessories

Instant herbal beverage.  Trying to quit coffee, but haven’t found a better choice? Well, now you have one.  A non-acidic healthy and tasty coffee-alternative with a rich, full-bodied taste. It’s a herbal coffee substitute that features smoothness and texture of real coffee.  Refreshing cold and delicious hot.  Dandy Blend is Kosher and Gluten Free.  Dandelion root makes for a more therapeutic and flavorful beverage pure and simple.  Originally started in 1988 o help people learn how to use the resources nature provides to make the things they need, instead of buying them. Chief among these things were the edible and useful wild plants growing underfoot.

Makes approximately 200 cups (11 cents per cup).

Dandy Blend 14.1oz. bag

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