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Espana Silk Supplied by CWH Products
Espana Silk Supplied by CWH Products

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Espana Silk Regular Shampoo
Espana Silk Regular Shampoo

Espana Silk Regular Shampoo Proudly supplied by Camp With Horses Products

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Espana Silk cat-dog
Espana Silk cat-dog

Espana Silk based, all natural, no chemicals, spa scent, for Equine, Dog/Cat, and People. Camp With Horses is proud to carry their wonderful concentrated products. Trial, Travel, Regular or Bulk sizes available

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Espana Silk Supplied by CWH Products
Espana Silk Supplied by CWH Products

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Booth #500/501

Bricker Bldg., Equine Affaire-Columbus Ohio

located on corner-end isle by Rod's Western Palace

April 8th, 9th, 10th & 11th 2021

(Ohio State Fair Grounds)

What's the Buzz

A must have if you like to Trail Ride with your horse as have them at your campsite right by your rig--It's convenient and safe.
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N Joy N Trail Riding

CaBARN for rent

in Big South Fork TN

Allardt, TN





   Jan Naetzker


N Joy N Riding 2 . . . in the Big South Fork area

a friend of oursJan Naetzker-Allardt TN January 2015

N Joy N Trail Riding 2 is highly recommended for trail riding/camping with horses spot. A great TRAILHEAD & TRAIL GUIDE & CABARN.  It's a horse lovers destination that is a great place near Big South Fork Area on the south rim sector along the old O&N RR along these trails.  

Our friend Jan Naetzker has this great place to rent near BIG SOUTH FORK TN located in Alldardt TN! her CaBARN . . . is a sweet little cabin/barn combo where you stay in it & is attached right to the barn. Great concept.  Come vacation, learn horsemanship one-one-one or rent for a season.

~Newly added living room space and kitchen makeover with granite counter tops
~Two small bedrooms
~Has a nice size paddock out of the barn
~RV hookups for horse trailer
~With or without a guide, and with or without some trail training (Josh Lyons certified)!
~very nearby/few doors down, is Jan's arena and some obstacles to play 
~Plus the best and "funnest" hostess ever!!
Spread the word and share for her.

— with Jan Naetzker in Allardt, Tennessee.  Jan can be reached at Cell 1 (716) 338-6772, Home 1 (931) 879-7610 for rates and details.

Do you love horses . . . learn their ways, get into natural horsemanship, trail challenges and more to learn & RIDE SAVVY SMART COMING SOON!

TUNE IN and learn

Horse Camping Tips,

maps, lots of good riding

in riding season and off season, some good connections



Hippo in the Greek means  HORSE, the one you can learn from, help with your personal challenges & testimonies, inspiring sayings, & more . . COMING SOON!

TUNE IN & be all you can be!

, Spirit Horse Clinc/Workshop/Retreats