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Stowaway Saddle Paks Are Lightweight: 


Our Stowaway line is the most advanced innovation in “no-bounce” saddle pack design. Maximum storage with minimum bulk, these packs will work for every riding style. Several compartments allow for better organization and quick, easy access to what you need when you need it. Superior fabric and heavy-duty adjustment systems make these packs the most durable, user-friendly pack you'll ever own.


420D Ripstop material with waterproof urethane backing. Foam-padded bottom panel lined with durable, soft, short-pile fleece to protect your saddle and your horse from the weight of the pack’s contents. Extended nylon-tabbed zipper pulls for easy access to all compartments. All outer seams are reinforced with durable binding. • Water resistant material.


Stowaway Saddle Pack Colors:

Blue   Purple     Hunter Green    Red     Brown     Black    Navy

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