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Step Five: Decide which color pad you want.  CSI makes pads in black, brown, light brown, blue and gray. Our standard wear leathers come in brown or black. Black wear leathers only look good on black pads but we will put them on blue and gray pads; they are not recommended for brown, light brown, or burgundy.

Step Six: Choose custom extras to personalize your CSI pad.

You can laser initials and/or logos starting at $35 per pad. You can add Rodeo Drive conchos starting at $70 per pad. You can get hair-on wear leathers in a variety of hides including zebra and a variety of cow hide colors such as brindle or black/white. You can upgrade your wear leathers to a larger, hand tooled Wickett and Craig leather starting at $150 per pad. We also offer a variety of “special” custom created pads with inlays in a variety of exotic hides including croc, stingray and hair-on hide. Visit our Customize your Pad page to view all the options available.

Step Seven: Determine if your horse needs shims.

Although 95 percent of horses do not need shims, there are a few that do. If your horse has “pockets” behind his withers or if he has a sway back, shims can help your saddle fit. Call us and we’ll help you chose the right shims.  724-992-2340

Step by Step Decision Which to Aspects Step 5-6-7

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