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Quality Rope, 5/8" diameter polypropylene solid braid rope.  Designed with Thimble Loop-End to prevent rope rash/wear when hooking to tightener device and specifically SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO TIE KNOTS IN YOUR ROPE.  As you are hooking up our rope, it allows you to place one other hook of the cable winch puller-or- tow-strap tightening device to our special Thimble Loop-end quickly without KNOTS. Clamped loop for   added strength.  Ends are sealed and whipped with wax thread
A sturdy high line rope style you will have for a long time.
Pick a color listed in pictures that may be available  . . . and mention it in shipping instructions as 1st or 2nd choice.

SHHL Rope ONLY 25' w/Thimble LoopEnd, 5/8"

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