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Natural Supplements & Feeding Accessories
High-Line CAMP SIZE 4 pc. Kit for 1 horse INCLUDES:  ONE 25' deluxe rope w/THIMBLE-LOOP END, the 5/8" diameter rope, 2 Tree Saver Straps with a 2" ring that fits through the 3" ring, Rope Cleat and 2 horse positioners. This enables you to place the CWH savvy high line kit in camp with your own tightener device --"cable winch puller", "keep it up & secure" and still install in 7-10 minutes!!! NICE AND TIGHT for the whole weekend/week long.  (See our tightening devices for sale as well).  Always check throughout your stay occasionally to make sure & keep high-line taunt and re-tighten if necessary.  A high-line for horses is generally 7' off ground above the horses head, 10' from tree, generally keep horses 10' apart & 7' from hay bag.
Choose color and mention 1st or 2nd choice in shipping instructions box at the end/cart area.

SHHL 1-horse Kit (25' rope)

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