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Savvy LITE FOR DAY USE Horse High Line Kit (2 horses):  Includes Small 1/2" diameter High Line Rope--SOLID BRAID Polypropylene--with Thimble Loop End THAT HAS AS SPECIAL SNAP CLIP--30' length, Tree Savers Set, and Rope Cleat Closure. If you want to carry the Ratcheting tightening strap--we do sell/carry that is available for sale on our site under this same section "Shop High Line Products"!

Designed so that the A) SNAP CLIP can clip onto the tree saver ring.  B) the tail end goes on the *Rope Cleat Closure Bar (*solid in kit or separately in our website shop). Designed a little bit smaller so it's more lightweight to carry in the saddle on trail.  This version is only 30 feet long so you can DAY USE for lunch stop overs for 2 horses. SEE NOTES BELOW!!! 

NOTE:  Designed to tie horse(s) to only while on trail WITHOUT a tightening device, or WITHOUT hay bag. 

2ND NOTE:  Saddle clubs requested this version, when friends ride together and want to put up one line for lunch stops. Can be used for 2 horses.  This LITE/smaller version is not intended for OVERNIGHT camping because of the snap and smaller 1/2" diameter rope.

Savvy Horse High Line Saddle KIT "LiteDayUseOnly"

Product option
  • 3/8" diameter poly rope that is 50' long with our specially designed thimble-loop-end which is ideal to hook heavy-duty caribener to the thimble loop and clip to tree saver loop
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