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Natural Supplements & Feeding Accessories

Have on hand in the barn and or horse trailer with you at all times in your equine 1st Aid Kit and on trail/saddle bags:  Peppermint essential oil provides a familiar, recognizable scent, but Peppermint is so much more than just a nostalgic, fresh aroma. This oil can be diffused to create a stimulating, focused atmosphere for daily tasks. You can also apply it topically to create a cool, tingling sensation on the skin, which can be very soothing after hard physical activity. We recommend using Peppermint essential oil aromatically or topically anytime you want to add a pleasant variety to your routine!  You can also apply it directly to your chest, cornet band, and Flank/abdomen and gums ???Colic??? use wherever you go.  (retail price)

Peppermint Essential Oil 15ml by Young Living

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