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Io SILVER Ionic Silver Solution – 100 PPM.  Use Topically or Internally.   Kills disease causing bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  As a nutritional supplement-Adult dosage 1 tsp 1-3 times daily  Child 1/4 – ½ tsp 1 – 3 times daily.  Kills Anthrax, E-Coli, TB, Diphtheria, Flu,  and more.  Use in spray form or drops. It's use towards known viruses and bacteria is fatal to over 650 of them. Disables enzymes which metabolize oxygen to disease producing pathogens. IO Silver causes internal collapse of cell protoplast. Non-lethal to beneficial bacteria. Does not sting burn or irritate skin when applied. No drug interaction. Contains no salts, acid, or Iodine. Ingredients Elemental Silver and purified water.   Safe to use on pets.

Travel Size Spray Bottle- ( 2.7 OZ)

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IO Silver Mini 2.70 oz. (100 PPM)

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