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Natural Supplements & Feeding Accessories
(Adjustable S-M-L) Reflective Safety Horse Collar made of Biothane.  The collar is made with a Stainless Steel Roller Buckle and hefty "D" Ring. Waffle padding lining for comfort.  Lightweight, yet heavy duty construction.  Size medium fits most horse. Smallest hole is 25 1/2" and the largest hole is 33". We offer custom if you have a Draft or Draft/Cross size horse 34"-40".

This collar used much like a neck rope, but lead line snaps to D-Ring on the collar attached and then to a high-line. Use in place of a halter so horses that have a tendency slipping out of their collar during the night getting loose.

If you camp with your horse and use the HiTie system or High-Line, then you need one of our Reflective Horse Collars. Our collar allows the horse to move around more freely so he can eat, drink, lie down and yes, even roll, safely!

Horse High Line Collar-Green (cobb to large horse)

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