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The HiTie™ Trailer is a Tie System that was developed to provide a comfortable and safe alternative to trailer tying and portable corrals. The HiTie™ gives horses free movement and access to an area equivalent of a 13 foot diameter round pen. This safe, controlled movement gives horses the ability to graze, eat, drink, roll and lie down while tied. It is sold per single unit/apparatus per horse. Replacement parts available.~Stores Securely Horizontally~When "In-Use" swings out securely Vertically~Easy to set up and Horse is secureWarning: Before using the HiTie™ system it is recommended that a horse be trained to tether and tie to a “highline” system. The HiTie™ is not recommended for horses that have problems being tied or tethered to a “highline system”. Camp With Horses will not be held responsible for any damage or injury due to a horse that misbehaves while tethered to the HiTie™. It is the responsibility of the horse owner to determine that a horse has the correct temperament before being tethered to a HiTie™ unit. Camp With Horses LLC, will not replace broken HiTie™ arms or bungee tethers due to horses that rear back or misbehave while tied to the HiTie™.

A great Install video from EasyCare for the HiTie SYSTEM

HiTie™ Trailer Tie System (per horse)

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