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Accessory for Rope Halter, hence Hold It! holds your rope halter easier, neater and safer! The Halter "Hold -It" leatehr strap transforms any rope halter into a break away halter, pluse holds the head/neck rope in place at the connecter loop.  To use, fold "Hold-It" through the halter loop, take the end of halter through slot, slide to snug and tie off. To remove halter just untie, slide to loosen, and slip over head (leaving connected).  Strap is designed to BE A TWO FOLD PRODUCT: place on a rope halter so you don't have to drop head strap/keeps it near the loop to easily put rope halter on. The special option is that you can order it with an optional bronze closure or concho. THIS ALSO serves as a SAFETY piece of equipment too for your rope halter, use A) as a double or B) single breakaway part of your halter, especially when training to tie up or placing horse on high line.
Traditional rope halters have no breaking point. If a horse were to get caught up or snagged on something, using the Halter Hold IT will allow a breaking point in case of emergency. It is still strong enough for general use.

"Halter-Hold-It Strap 2PK BRWN plain

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