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Fast Fence Portable Horse Camping Hot-Tape 2 Strand Quick Corral complete kit in carrying bag. Includes: The FAST FENCE Trail Kit is a portable horse fence kit that is primarily intended for constructing temporary horse corrals on overnight trail rides. However, it is also suitable for controlling many other animals. This kit was designed with the help of experienced horse owners and agricultural university personnel. This handy FAST FENCE Trail kit, overnight paddocks are simple and easy. It only takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to erect the fence or to dismantle and repack the kit, depending on the length and location of the fence. The F899 Trail Kit comes in a convenient zippered canvas tote bag and includes enough bright white fiberglass posts, Hot Tape, and accessories to set up a two strand fence that is 330 feet long and that is highly visible and very effective. The most popular is the F900 Kit which includes a portable fence charger called the energizer. To make your portable fence larger an optional twelve more intermediate posts with insulators can be purchased, and then a single strand fence up to 660 feet long can be erected. The Trail Kit is designed to be simple, quick, and easy to use without unnecessary gadgets or loose parts. There is room for additional gear in the bag and it can be tied across the back of a saddle. The Portable B 6 Fence Energizer operates on two "D" cell flashlight batteries and easily fits in the included tote bag. (batteries are not included.) FAST FENCE™ Trail Kit - includes 12 (5 ½” & 7 3/8”) Posts, Drive Cap, Clips, Insulators, Hot Tape, Tape Storage Frame, Ground Rod, Gate Handles, Splice Buckles, and a Warning Sign in a canvas tote bag. Additional 12 posts are available, along with energizer can be purchased separately as well.

FastFence Porta HorseCamp Hot-Tape Corral

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