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Equine Colic Relief: USA’s #1 Remedy Stops Colic!  Are You Prepared To Stop Colic?  If Equine Colic Relief is not part of your first aid kit you could lose your precious Horse!  Have that “Peace of Mind” knowing you have a first defense against colic.  Order NOW before you NEED IT!  The fastest shipping in the world won’t be fast enough when you have a colic emergency on your hands! 

~ Includes 1 bottle of ECR, a Large 60 oz. Oral/Bolus Syringe and directions

~for 200 lb. + full bottle ECR is safe for use in any age Equine Breeding Stallion, Pregnant (at any trimester) or Lactating mares including Donkeys, Mules, Zebras, Draft, Normal size and Miniature Horses.

1 bottle is designed to stop a normal bout of colic in any age Equine, over 200 lbs. and 1/2

bottle in Equines, under 200 lbs.  ECR is administered to an Equine by filling and placing the 60cc Oral Syringe, on the back of their tongue as you, do with wormer.

~The shelf life on Equine Colic Relief to date is 12 years. It has not failed to end a bout of Colic or receive less than 100% efficiency rating from all our clients since we first tested it on our own horses in 1996. 4 Part Patented Ingredients: Potassium, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Kelp, Vitamin D, Peppermint Oil, Purified Water, Irish Sea Moss, Glycerine, Sobitol, and Molasses for flavor.

~The natural ingredients in ECR were found to be indestructible, require norefrigeration and its shelf life is 12 years. The lab that tested ECR from 1997-1999 selected 2 bottles and froze one to 32 degrees then thawed it and heated the other to 102 degrees and cooled it. They coded these bottles and sent them out to 2 test farms in the study. They regained full integrity and when used on 2 test horses, effectively stopped each bout. We recommend storing the soft plastic bottle ECR comes in, inside in cool and dry place! Never leave the bottle in temperatures over 110 degrees or under 32 degrees or it could contort or crack.

Equine Colic Relief Solution-Single Dose w/Oral Syringe

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