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Standard square Western style pad is the most versatile pad CSI makes, it fits most saddles and most horses. It is a great choice if you ride multiple saddles or if you’re thinking of changing saddles in the near future. If you trail ride on a round skirted trail saddle and use saddlebags, you may still want to purchase a square shaped pad to protect your horse and your equipment.  CSI Western pads come in two lengths: 30 and 32. (If you measure a CSI pad, the measurement is more exactly 29 1/2 inches and 31 1/2 inches.) You need to choose your length based on the length of your SADDLE first and foremost and then based on the length of your horses back. To determine which size pad you need, measure your saddle skirt’s length. If your skirt measures under 27 1/2 inches you can use a 30 inch pad (although you may still want to order a 32 inch pad if you’re horse has a long back or you ride with saddlebags). If your skirt measures over 27 1/2 inches, then you’ll need to get a 32 inch pad. You can chose between a 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch thickness for your 100% All Natural Wool Liner. For Western style pads the 3/4 inch liner is the most versatile and should be used on all horses who are ridden heavily even if they have a rounder shape. 3/4 inch liners are always recommended for roping and intense trail riding as well as horses with prominent withers and riders over 180 lbs. If you have a very round backed horse (more fat than muscular), you may find a 1/2 inch liner helps with slippage. Endurance riders and Aussie riders will need to also take into consideration the custom fit of their saddles. If your saddle has been custom fit, a 1/2 inch liner may be a better choice for your horse if he has a normal to round shape. English riders generally find more success with the 1/2 inch liner unless their horse is very high withered. Other riders who prefer 1/2 inch liners include light weight barrel racers and cutters.

CSI SaddlePad w/FlexPlate Round Cut Skirt

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