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Natural Supplements & Feeding Accessories
TIGHTENING DEVICE 1,200 lb. FOR Savvy HORSE HIGH LINE.  weights 4.78lbs. cable winch puller or sometimes called "come-a-long" TIGHENS the horse high line very taunt.  Strong spring and gears. 3-2/3 ft. x 3/16 in. aircraft grade cable. Snatch block for more pulling power. Take the CABLE PULLER Hook & clip to to the tree saver ring, then the other CABLE PULLER Hook gets clipped to our special (Thimble) Loop-End High Line Rope.  Then, use the opposite tail-end of our rope to attach the Rope Horse Cleat Closure Bar to close off the tail-end of the rope.  Intended for overnight camping.

MINI cable Winch High Line Puller Tightener

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