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NT Trail Adventure Saddle has pockets for fencing tool, knife, nippers, and hoof pick with easy access so you can get to them in a hurry.. 5" cantle, oversized stirrups (3"), laced latigo ring (for mag light) 3 way rigging with buckle tie rigging in back (support of a back cinch w/o cinch under the belly), Built for comfort for both You and your Equine.   Everything you need and easy access pockets for the things you need in a hurry while on the trail. weighs approx 24-26# ..supple leather...Extra cush (but not too much) for both rider in the seat and horse underneath in the skirting...comfort for HOURS in the saddle...For more than 30 years, Tucker has dedicated ourselves to the development, design and manufacturing of trail saddles and equipment that provide our signature Ultimate Trail Comfort for both rider and horse.  Tucker saddles are the standard in quality and style for trail riders. With the patented Gel-Cush™ shock absorbing seat incorporated into every Tucker trail saddle, riders all across the world experience ultimate comfort for hours on the trail. Gel-Cush Never Breaks Down, Pops, Freezes, or Melts.

**Tight Rope with Frayed ends Design: Life is a Tight Rope.....Once in a while Life has Challenges that can Fray the ends..Keep your Rope of Life Tight and movin' Forward** ~Tina Mae~

TnT Trail Adventure Saddle made by TUCKER Saddlery

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