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After more than a decade of research and development, Living Waters
was developed as a highly energized liquid. Living Waters is a
proprietary secret formulation designed to supply the human body with
minerals at the proper ratios. Developed from the Earth, Living Waters
is a formula containing 84 minerals unrefined and still containing 70
natural trace elements. Living Waters is a concentrate of approximately
4000 parts per million (ppm). The result of this technical process is
purely water and soluble minerals. Living Waters will revolutionize the
way we have been using mineral supplements by providing truly
absorbable, digestible minerals.

People are using Living Waters Mineral Water for many conditions.
Taken internally, one to three teaspoons per day will absorb into all
parts of the body. Because mineral deficiencies can produce various
symptoms, minerals are an essential need for the human body.
insufficient amounts of absorbable minerals can lead to inefficient
utilization of the foods we eat, which are already lacking proper
minerals. For the body to work properly, it must maintain the proper
balance of all minerals. An imbalance can lead to a variety of problems.
The 74th Congress tells a compelling story about the serious deficiency
of minerals in most Americans today.

Living Waters has the unique ability of “splitting” the water molecule,
which results in the release of hydrogen and oxygen gases
simultaneously. This creates an additional source of oxygen available
from the water molecule. This can lead to an increase in energy and
decrease diseases by oxygenating the body.

Since the minerals are suspended in liquid form and are broken down
into an ionic state, they are absorbed at a much greater rate than
minerals in a colloidal or tablet form. Living Waters is a natural
proprietary formulation of concentrated electrolyte ions. Living Waters
supports and enhances nutritional, biochemical activities and brings to
our diet what modern living and technology have stripped away.

IO Mineral Water Supplement (Qt. Sz.4,000 PPM)

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