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Natural Supplements & Feeding Accessories
EasyShoe Performance N/G Main Features:  A TRANSPARENT wide-webbed shoe with integrated frog support that can be nailed or glued. Two integrated nailing plates within the sole allow the shoe to accept up to 8 nails. 3 toe clips keep the shoe in place without extending break-over. Translucent material allows the white line to remain visible during application.  The optional spacer system lets the user open the rear of the shoe to the desired width to ease the nailing application.
~~Vertical flexion allows the heels to move independently.
~~Lateral flexion allows the hoof to expand and contract with every footfall.
~~Built-in frog plate supports the bony column of the leg and allows the natural shock absorber to function.
~~Integrated nailing plate allows the shoe to be nailed or glued.

EasyShoe Performance NG/pair

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