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The Easyboot *Glove "50" is built on the Easyboot Glove shell but replaces the fabric gaiter with a urethane heel sling covered in neoprene. The Glove 50 is easy to apply and remove. If you've previously used and liked the Glove Soft hoof boots, which are designed to be a lightweight, low-profile boot that clings to the hoof to keep debris out, even in sandy and muddy conditions, you should consider trying the Glove 50. *Sold individually.   Easy to apply and remove. If you can get the Fit Kit shell on your horse, you can apply the Easyboot Glove 50. It stays on very well for the most aggressive riding conditions: riding in challenging terrain, at speed, and in muddy conditions.It’s easy to check your fit. Simply order the Fit Kit to determine if the Easyboot Glove 50 will work on your horse. All parts are easy to replace if needed.

EasyBoot Glove "50"; Choose size

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