"Slow" Hay Feeder anywhere you feed hay!

Hay Feeder Cube-Hanging Slow Feeder

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Hay Feeder Cube TIP:

It's best to make it as "FREE Swinging" as possible in the stall, or on a High Line, or between 2 trees/posts down low . . . this allows the cube to be utilized as a "GENUINE SLOW FEEDER" where they can't push the feeder against something with leverage to pull out too much hay at one grazing munch.  Hanging the cube low also allows for "NATURAL" grazing from the horse's mouth using their teeth properly and digestive juices better.  It is best to use the 1/2" rope that it comes with, make the hanger-loop on both ends to be able to place it over a rafter beem, and then use the caribinner clip at the rope loop--as well as clipping to the cube top as well.

     Slow Feeding is best for the horses' digestive system. Instead of allowing them gorge themselves at the "salad bar" freely eating too much hay too quickly, then standing around for hours with too much of a fully belly, is not as healthy.    Thus the name, "Health EZ Hay Feeder" allows much slower grazing, or if you will, longer/natural grazing practices like if they were eating grass.  When it's in a pile on the ground it is consumed way too quickly.  NOTE: At first when you see the enlongated munch slots . . . you may think it's not a "SLOW FEEDER", BUT BECAUSE YOU ALLOW it to be free swinging, as it moves/spings they have to be busy working at getting the hay out -- they also learn to slow down and work at it simulating as close as possible to natural grazing.  The weight of the hay holds it in tight.


Hay Feeder Cube FEATURES:

  • Designed to hang "anywhere you feed" hay

  • EZ to load . . . stays open wide with side hanger strings

  • Snaps together at an integrated hinge--can easily be unhinged to nest 2 pieces together for traveling (unknot side strings for this)

  • Munch slots from all four sides

  • Angled at the top so rain/snow rolls off

  • 4 top loop holes to clip on caribinner to hang

  • Lightweight, weighs 6 lbs. ---No sharp edges

  • Made of a food-grade plastic that won't mold

  • Won't mare side of trailer with color marks

  • Includes side closure-hanger strings to knot

  • Includes caribinner clip and hanging rope

  • Can soak hay while inside cube in a wheelbarrow for prevention of sand colic, or insulin resistant horses

  • Holds 1/3 of a bale of hay

  • Makes hay last approx. 4-5 hours for one horse

  • Easiest hay feeder to load . . . easy as 1-2-3!!!

  • Much lower cost than any other "slow feeder 

  • Most versitale single hay feeder on the market

  • SAVE HAY -- SAVE MONEY -- LESS MESS than bag



Slow Feeder

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