EasyBoots & EasyShoes

The fit kit is required when you order a "fitted" boot which includes the Glove or Back Country Glove, or Glue-on Shell. This will ensure a great fit.  The factory will mail you 3 shells closest to the size measurement given to us after a FRESH TRIM. Mails out USPS Priority mail, follow the directions & return them within 30 days or less of trying on shell BEFORE YOU ORDER THE ACTURAL BOOTS.

Fit Kit $12.00--Just for the Glove & Back Country

EasyBoots & EasyShoes

"Ultamate in Hoof Protection"

Choose the right hoof boot for your needs.  Whether you ride

1 mile a week,

or 12-15, or 50, or 100 . . .

we have the BOOT for you!

Do you Boot?

Thermography graphs shows better circulation without metal shoes 

The World's Easiest Hoof Boot

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