Food/Beverage: Dandy Blend & Cacao Bars 

Trying to quit coffee, but haven’t found a better choice?

Well, now you have one.

Dandy Blend non-acidic, no caffeine & gluten free

                                                            Dandy Blend is the only best coffee alternative. It’s a herbal coffee substitute that features smoothness and texture of real coffee.  Instant

                                                             herbal beverage with Dandelion.  A great healthy product.

Testimonials--Dandy Blend has solved several issues for me and its so easy to make. Tastes great and I don't add sugar….wahoo! 

I have been searching for this:

Coffee was a staple of my life, but I have always had acid reflux/GERD issues. I was told to give up coffee, BUT HOW
I visited an organic cafe that had Dandy blend. I tried it out and I have never been the same I feel like I am drinking a bold cup of black coffee, but without the acidic burn or jitters. Not only does it replace coffee, but it FEELS SO GOOD I feel alert, healthy, and whole when I drink it. I cannot believe I have gone as long as I have without it. If you are trying to give up coffee and don’t think anything can work – TRY DANDY BLEND Read about all of the added health benefits as well. You WILL NOT regret it

No Withdrawal Headaches:

I am free of headaches.  When transitioning off coffee, I always suffer from severe withdrawal headaches. I was delightfully surprised to learn that Dandy Blend helps with the headaches I do no have to suffer through days of pain anymore No only is Dandy Blend delicious but it truly helps with the symptoms associated with coffee withdrawal

bar with honey.jpg

Cacao is a raw, nutrient-dense food. Chocolate/Cocoa destroy the nutrients of the cacao bean with a high heat process. Good Stuff Cacao starts with just 2 ingredients; raw organic cacao and raw honey, that’s it…unless we add seeds, coconut, nibs or peppermint to make our 5 delicious, yet nutrient-dense varieties.

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